modular sea-proven design

The MES Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) allow your vessels to meet the mandate of 0.1% sulfur content even when using the much lower-cost “bunker” fuel with a 3.5% or higher sulfur content.

Installed new, or retrofitted onto existing ships, our solutions are available for various engine sizes and operating environments. The MES marine scrubber has open-loop, closed-loop and hybrid configurations and one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

Our modular sea-proven design coupled with our unique custom engineering approach provides you industry leading investment paybacks.

The MES EGCS is a propriety spray-type scrubber with minimal backpressure. The Exhaust Gas Cleaning Unit (EGCU) is installed in the funnel of the vessel.

The EGCU is installed in-line with the exhaust system and replaces the traditional silencer. The scrubber is fabricated using corrosion-resistant material and is designed for the maximum plausible temperature of the exhaust gas stream.

The exhaust gas outlet from the EGCU is constantly monitored by the Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) to comply with regulations.

Custom Design Lowering Cost

Easy installation due to modular design

Inline installation meeting backpressure requirements

Remote support and diagnosis system

Taylor-made for your ship

DNV GL (Class Society) certified

our technologies

open-loop system

The biggest benefit of the MES open-loop EGCS is the simplicity in its design. As the open-loop configuration leverages the natural alkalinity in seawater as the cleaning agent, no chemical agents are necessary. Used seawater is diluted and discharged overboard by the EGCS while meeting water discharge regulations.

Simplicity in this system means lower capital and operational costs. The open-loop configuration (seawater scrubber) is not a good fit for vessels which operate in low alkalinity waters (or fresh water) or in areas which does not allow overboard discharge.

closed-loop system

The wash water is comprised of fresh water, a treatment fluid (sodium hydroxide solution) and other proprietary non-hazardous chemical additives. Fresh water is used to make-up water lost through evaporation and carry-over in the system.

The SOx and particulates in the exhaust gas stream are absorbed and collected in the wash water solution. The wash water solution is then cleaned in the Wash Water Treatment System (WWTS). The neutralized SOx, salt precipitate, and wash water residue are extracted and stored as sludge for shore side disposal.

The biggest benefit of the closed loop configuration is that it is independent of the operating environment of the vessel. These configurations are particularly good for vessels which spend a significant amount of time in fresh water.

Hybrid System

In open-loop mode, the MES Hybrid EGCS takes advantage of the alkalinity in seawater to reduce the operational costs of the scrubber. The treatment fluid dosing and cleaning systems are shutoff. Seawater is pumped through the system to scrub the exhaust gas.

In closed-loop mode, the MES Hybrid EGCS is capable of operating in any environment. Internally circulated wash water does not rely on the chemical makeup of external water sources. Little to no overboard discharge allows vessels to meet some of the most stringent water discharge regulations.

A MES Hybrid EGCS fitted vessel has the flexibility to meet various exhaust emission and water discharge regulations in the most cost efficient manner.

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