Not Like Them

Most of our major competitors are large industrial companies whose business processes dictate that they mass produce oversized off-the-shelf scrubbers. While this practice boosts their profit margins, it significantly escalates both the capital and the operational costs for shipowners.

Designed For You

At MES, we know each vessel is unique in its configuration or its trading pattern. We commit significant upfront time and resources to get to know your vessel, its crew and the operational parameters intimately.

We firmly believe that this early investment pays off for you as our expert engineering team leverages state-of the-art technology, such as CFD and FEA simulations, to design, not only a uniquely fitting Exhaust Gas Cleaning System, but also an exceptionally suitable end-to-end process.

Continous Improvement

Our feedback and information gathering however does not end at the initial design stage. In fact, throughout the entire process, we will tirelessly solicit feedback from you and your engineering and operations teams to make sure we continue to improve until our solution is truly tailor-made for you.

Full Life Cycle Servicing

Post-sale customer support is where MES truly differentiates itself from the competition. Our competitors’ business is to sell equipment to you. MES’ business is to solve your problems. We view the commissioning of our system on your ship as the beginning, not the end, of our relationship. Our job is not done until the MES Exhaust Gas Cleaning System has been decommissioned from your vessel.

Innovative Remote Monitoring

Our mission is to find and resolve any system faults before you even notice their existence. The MES Remote Monitor System is designed to allow automaticmonitoring of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning System wherever your vessel is in the world. Our Remote Access System allows our engineers to provide updates and support to the system instantaneously.

Global Support Network

Our global distribution and services network delivers consumables and replacement parts to your vessel at any port. In the unlikely event a system fault requires on-vessel support, MES’ expert field services team will board your vessel anywhere on the globe to provide hands on support services.
Our promise is that your support call will be addressed within 24 hours.

Paid Out of Your Savings

Marine Exhaust Scrubbing is a maturing technology in a changing market. While the economics of scrubbing is convincingly better than any other compliance option, uncertainties in fuel prices and availability, scrubber equipment performance, and the regulatory environment may make you think twice about purchasing an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System. What if you could install an EGCS knowing that someone else is shouldering those risks? What if you paid out of your savings from burning bunker fuel? What if your payments depended on whether you choose to scrub a particular voyage?

Stop Paying Anytime

The MES Scrubbing-As-A-Service offering does exactly that – your monthly payment is based on the amount of fuel you scrub. You are no longer buying a piece of equipment that carries with it all the associated risks. You are purchasing a service that can be turned on and off by pressing a single button, whether because of the fuel economics, the regulatory regime, or simply your operating preferences. What if the scrubber does not work as advertised? You don’t pay! What if bunker fuel is not available on a voyage? You don’t pay! What if the regulation is not being enforced? You don’t pay! What if you simply choose to turn the scrubber off? You don’t pay!
Contact us to learn more about how we can subscribe to Scrubbing-As-A-Service.

Let us help!

Without a doubt, the MES Exhaust Gas Cleaning System significantly reduces your operational costs. The typical payback of the turn-key capital investment is 1.5 years or less. Nevertheless, purchasing and installing a scrubber is a significant upfront capital investment. Let us help! MES offers creative financing solutions to pay for some or all of your upfront capital cost.

Export Development Canada (EDC)

MES enjoys a unique partnership with Export Development Canada (EDC) - Canada’s export credit agency. The job of the EDC is to support and develop Canada’s export trade by helping Canadian companies respond to international business opportunities. EDC achieves its goals by providing financial services, bonding products and business solutions to Canadian exporters like MES.

one stop shop

From the initial collection of technical and operational information on your vessel, to the basic and detailed engineering design of a system that best fits your vessel, to procurement and manufacturing of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS), to providing guidance and supervision to the shipyard during installation of the EGCS, to management of the commissioning and certification process, MES provides peace of mind to you by being there every step of the way.


To guarantee the highest quality while being cost effective, the core pieces of our systems are manufactured in our specialty fabrication facility in Canada (which have been manufacturing marine grade equipment at the highest standard for more than 80 years.), while less sophisticated parts are made by our trusted offshore partners


To guarantee performance and give you peace of mind, MES uses IoT technology to remotely monitor the performance of, and provide support to, our systems anywhere on the globe; our expert field support teams provide on-site services when necessary

unique custom solutions

The Exhaust Gas Cleaning System is customized and optimized for your vessel using state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and FEA simulation technology, which results in unique solutions with minimal weight and footprint that best fit the needs of your specific vessel

supervised installation

Depending on your needs, we oversee the installation process at either our Canadian facilities or a trusted partner shipyard taking full advantage of the modular design of our systems, reducing installation cost for you

global supply

MES global distribution network supplies the consumables used by our system wherever your vessel may be in the world

Equip your vessel with a scrubber system before 2020

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