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Worry Less, Operate More

MES’ mission is to give you complete peace of mind. You have enough to worry about between operating your fleet, serving your customers and beating your competitors, you do not need additional headaches related to compliance with Emission Control Regulations.

Both our technical solution and our business models are designed to eliminate your anxiety. Regardless of how regulations may change tomorrow (or weeks or years after), MES’ solutions are guaranteed to meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

Over more than a decade of design evolution, MES’ systems are low touch and low maintenance, reducing your crew workload and operational complexity.

Our innovative business models (including the Scrubbing-As-A-Service offering) ensure that we are always worrying for you, solving your problems before they become problems.

Fully Customized One-Stop-Shop Solution

In order to allow you to have complete peace of mind, MES provides a one-stop-shop solution that is tailor-made to fit the specific needs of each vessel. From system design, to engineering, to manufacturing and procurement of system components, to install, to commissioning, to training the crew, to maintenance and servicing, to even supply of consumables (if any), MES is wholly responsible every step of the way to ensure that you receive the most cost-effective worry-free solution.

Unlike most of our competitors, who mass produce over-sized off-the-shelf systems, which unnecessarily increase capital and operational costs for shipowners, MES’ dedicated engineering team custom designs each MES system to fit the unique installation and operating conditions of each vessel in your fleet. The result is the lowest total cost solution to comply with Emission Control Regulations.

Unique Scrubbing-As-A-Service Offering

MES believes in sharing your risks. We believe that our rewards should only come if we are successful at helping you succeed. The shipping equipment industry’s antiquated business model provides perverse incentives for traditional equipment providers to supply poorly designed products with subpar post-sale services, because once installed, all risks are shouldered by you – the shipowners. Aiming to create inherent alignment between your interest and ours, MES is offering our qualified customers the option of purchasing scrubbing as a service.

In other words, rather than purchasing a scrubber and baring all market and technical risks, you will pay only if you use MES’ system to scrub exhaust gas. If it becomes economically unprofitable or operationally impractical to scrub, then you simply turn off the scrubber with a touch of a button and immediately stop paying.

Customer centric approach

At MES, we believe every vessel is unique – even sister ships are operated by different crew and likely have different routes. We do not believe in a one-size fit all solution. Our customer centric approach means that each and every one of our solutions are custom designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the vessel to be fitted. We are committed to finding the most cost-efficient solution for our customers.

MES was founded in 1991 and joined the JV Driver Group in 2010. Driver Group has provided high-value solutions because of their laser focus on the things that matter: the highest caliber people, processes and tools-not marketing. For over 20 years, both of these Canadian head-quartered companies, have been creating value for clients, by challenging the status quo and creating innovative and reliable products around the world.

high value solutions

MES follows that approach with an experienced and disciplined team of marine engineers, project managers and other sea tested professionals. In addition, our fabrication facilities are among the best in the world with state-of-the-art tools and processes. We are continually investing in improving our products and capability to reduce complexity and cost for our customers.

The financial strength of JV Driver Group coupled with MES capability and expertise provides confidence and security for ship owners when evaluating alternatives to comply with IMO regulations.

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